Compilation - Forces Of Creation (CD)


Compilation - Forces Of Creation (CD) Compiled By Wizard Lizard.You will never know how far psytrance has come till you have heard these sounds! Here is pure madness like you've never experienced before, packed into one super-powerful, fullon morning collection. Beyond trance dance, beyond thought induced space-travel, Beyond Logic itself, BPMs at the speed of light! Any of these tracks will set off a dancefloor-quake.
Ever wondered how craters were created? Or how anything was created for that matter. Wizard Lizard compiles his own sounds and sounds from Abomination, Bliss, Sirius Isness, Outersignal, Madnetic, BioGenesis, Cyclesphere, Dapanji, Double REL and Painkiller to show you exactly how. Tune in to the frequency of the forces of creation as it travels through the universe at the speed of thought. Stop, wait for it...don't think! Just play...


1. Yabcoder - ABOMINATION2. Rock your body - MADNETIC3. Awake - OUTER SIGNAL4. Beat Box - SIRIUS ISNESS, PAINKILLER, BLISS5. Forces of creation - WIZARD LIZARD6. Interference - BIOGENESIS7. Essential Feeling - DOUBLE R.E.L8. Static Move - DAPANJI, BIOGENESIS9. Monitor Access - (Cycle Sphere rmx)BLISS