Compilation - Flutter (CD)


Flow records present Flutter!A fresh and entertaining journey brought to you by Interchill Records' DJ Dovla. Aside from his current post, Dovla has now taken up the task of co-managing Flow from his Croatian base.
Taking almost a full year to slowly hand pick some of the finest and most original music the scene has to offer. As well as gathering all the music Dovla has also created the cover artwork for the CD.

Being known for long and varied sets on the chill out floors made the task of putting all of these sounds into one CD a difficult one indeed, the end result, 12 amazing tracks with a mashed up freestyle sound that's guaranteed to tickle your ear lobes.

We start things off with some smooth ambiental bliss from Floex, known for his incredible soundtrack work on the Machinarium game, continued by equally smooth glitch goodness by Kilowatts. Rumpistol follows up with an incredible remix of Danish band Efterklang. Croatian newcomer duo Dual Barrel takes their rightful place here and keep the flow going along with Krusseldorf who takes the jazzy note. Red Seal is back, with a funky trip hop sound to take us further. Simon Baring and Casanueva present their own new and original brand of twisted disco while The Mollusk gives us a demo of how they smash the beats down under. Supercozi and Pheel bring an equally powerful mash of lounge mellow beats while Slackbaba maintains the pace with some breakbeat goodness. We pick up the pace in the end and let Noodle and Tweak (of Pushmipulyu fame) run wild with an uplifting funky and eclectic tune to end things off with a bang, filling up as much space as possible and making sure this one stays in your CD case for a long while.


1. Petr Parler - FLOEX 
2. Deliriously - KILOWATTS 
3. Modern Drift - (Rumpistol rmx)EFTERKLANG 
4. Spiffy Banter - DUAL BARREL 
5. Sparkling New - KRUSSELDORF 
6. Revolver - RED SEAL 
7. Halloween - CASANUEVA 
8. Cameras - THE MOLLUSK 
9. Athens to Athens - SIMON BARING 
10. August Human - (feat. Pheel)SUPERCOZI 
11. Go with the flow - SLACKBABA 
12. The beat's inside the beat - NOODLE AND TWEAK