Compilation - Fire (CD)


Compilation - Fire (CD) Altar Records presents its third compilation under the theme of the element Fire.In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen will be compiling, for your pleasure, a total of 5 high quality compact discs. High quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value.
Dj Zen wishes you all a warm welcome into the heat of his new compilation, 'Fire', available on Altar Records.

Fire which hypnotizes the spirit, Fire which purifies and warms us up... Here is presented the latest Elements compilation produced with strength and tenderness by DjZen.

The artists participating on this project surpassed expectations with original and exclusive titles written during the warm season. This 3rd opus is the most 'up-tempo' of the Altar Records series, with beats varying between 70 and 144 bpm.

Prepare to fall into trance and to extend the most beautiful season of the year by dancing on the best music in existence.

The discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.

Printed in Canada on FSC compliant materials.

100% eco, recyclable!... and of course, collectable!


1. Anahata Fire - CHRONOS 
2. Crossroads Limiter - ASURA 
3. Resonance - TENTURA 
4. Phoenix Dance - AQUASCAPE 
5. Deep Unity - CHRONOS 
6. Inter - (Dawn Edit)AES DANA 
8. Summer Twilight - ZYMOSIS 
9. Around the sun in seven days - UTH 
10. Tears of fire - RA