Compilation - Fahrenheit Project Part Seven


Here comes the closing chapter of the Fahrenheit Project Collection.A series of hypnotic and cinematic soundscapes which take the listener on a deep and fluid journey through warm downtempo grooves, psybient and uplifting atmospheres.
Part seven presents exquisite tracks from international artists such as Asura, Solar Fields, Scann-Tec, Field Rotation, Maurizio Piazza, Hol Baumann remixed by Max Million and talented new comers to the Ultimae realm, Cygna, Gaiana and Astropilot.

Circular join in and pay their tribute to Norway's 'Green Poet' Rolf Jacobsen with words from 'Landskap med gravemaskiner', courtesy of his family. A lush compilation that offers most panoramic, awe-inspiring and emotional music selected and mixed by Aes Dana.


1. Silenzio delle Sirene - (album edit)GAIANA 
2. Millenium 3 - ASURA 
3. Memories Maze - (Flashbacks SE)ASTROPILOT 
4. Feller Buncher - CIRCULAR 
5. Signals - SCANN-TEC 
6. Final - (Max Million rmx)HOL BAUMANN 
7. Su Abir - CYGNA 
8. Gedanken wie diese - FIELD ROTATION 
9. Hundred Miles - MAURIZIO PIAZZA