Compilation - Face Disco Vol 2


Compiled by P.G.M. and I.L.A.The world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. The true progressive awakening is that of the consciousness.
Savva-Records philosophy is progressive awakening and so this Compact Disc is packed with true progressive trance.

(Part II) 'Face Disco'... These words do not fully express the way that mind and senses are purified to the true sense of innovation in mind, and soul. Knowledge about the omnipresence in the quest for answers to the questions surrounding the nature of our true Self. It is eternal, perfect, and the awakening to the true Self is the path of progression.

Conceptualized and compiled by P.G.M. and I.L.A. Featuring artists from around the globe...Savva, from an idea to a philosophy.


1. Titanium White - PHILTER 
2. Barefoot and Happy - LIGHTSPHERE 
3. Drumatic - CABAL 
4. Deep Blue - ( Bio-Psy rmx)PROG AND ROLLER 
5. Yiamataaza - SHYISMA 
6. Different World - ODD SEQUENCE 
7. Reacting People - D-VISION 
8. Sunrice Avenue - LUNAR-SURFACE 
9. People Want - TYMEK