Compilation - Face Disco


Savva Records persists to be progressive, mindblasting and second to none in their mission to bring you the best in trance music.
After their massive compilation 'Magic of the Sun', debuting artists such as Krama and Alfredo Garcia in 2004, Savva Records is now back with another upfront and bang on top release 'Face Disco'. The title speaks for its self.

This time featuring newcomers such as Shyisma, Timestretch and D-Vision and as well as established artists like Philter, Lightsphere and Connexx.

This special release was compiled by P.G.M., I.L.A. and Natrea and promises to be one of the progressive trance highlights.

Watch out for future releases..


1. Money for nothing - DR. HARTZ 
2. Juicy pad song - D-VISION 
3. Dullday - TIMESTRETCH 
4. Attribute - PHILTER 
5. Aeroplan - LIGHTSPHERE 
6. Endless Maze - TIMESTRETCH 
7. With Me - CONNEXX 
8. Harmonic Elements - SHYISMA 
9. Special Dreams - HMB