Compilation - Eye Of The Beholder


'Eye of the Beholder', released on Mighty Quinn Records, is finally here.Mighty Quinn Records is well known around the world by many for the magical Forest Psy sounds which are always sure to send you on a psychedelic journey beyond your imagination.
Amazing deep trippy foresty sounds with a full power groove from all the best Mighty Quinn Artists old and new. Saikozaurus, Dejan, Fearkiller, Jahbo, Farebi Jalebi, Captain Kirk, Magik Seeds, Donkey Shot, Annoying Ninjas and the new addition of Quasar form USA, California!

We are proud to present to you our newest addition to our discography and to your lovely ears. Full power progressions with tight production all around. The hair on your back and forearms will raise up from pure excitement as these full power shamanic transmisions grace your body and your ears with deep and powerful vibrations.

This compilation tells a story like no other so listen from beginning to end so th download of information may properly attain its rightful place in your heart.


1. Implicit Implications - NXUM 
2. Vakra - (Final Edit)FAREBI JALEBI 
3. Open the iris - CAPTAIN KIRK 
4. Jabberwocky - DONKEY SHOT 
5. Dread can dance - SAIKOZAURUS 
6. Transurfing - MAGIC SEEDS 
7. Mona Lisa - DEJAN 
8. The Alchemist - FEARKILLER 
9. Jabba in da hut - (Ectogasmics rmx)JAHBO 
10. Singularity - QUASAR