Compilation - Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 2 (CD)


Weapon Code Name: Scumgrinder.Primary Targets: Global Architects Of Death.
Stage 1:Threat Assessment. The not too distant future is now Scientific Dictatorships.Skin Deep Chips.DNA Sabotage.Eco-Terror Propaganda.Climategate Splattergate? Sinister Food And Drug Administrators. Bio-Tech Dominion. Globalism Neo-Feudalism?Death By Design. Scapegoats On Parade.Tritone Industry Domain. Do you think it's just a game? Terror Lab Industries' noise mangling mercenaries will analyze, evaluate and neutralize all threats posed by the Blasphemous Enlightened Scum.

Stage 2:Bilderberger Torture Session. Once all threats have been neutralized, the Luciferian Agents of Global Terror will be punished by our special Havoc Unit.

Stage 3:Descent Into Pandemonium. After an intense session of pain-inducing frequency blasts, the Masters of Disaster will transport the remnants of The Deceivers down to the city where all demons dwell.

Stage 4:At The Gates of Tonatiuhichan. The evil minions of the Light-Bearer are no more. The realms of darkness have been destroyed. The Guilty have been punished and the Innocent stand at the gates of Tonatiuhichan, the House of the Sun; a place where only harmony prevails.

Final Evil Annihilation By Tryambaka.


1. Gameplay - ABSENSE2. Intruder - A-MUSH VS STEREOPANIC3. Pulga Raza - SINFUL REACTIONS4. Safe - XATRIK VS BRAVE5. Prototype - ORCA VS TECHNODROME6. Rock Steady - SINFUL REACTIONS VS HIYARANT7. Psychological Warfare - FRIGHT RATE8. B.T.T.R. - PANAYOTA VS DIRTY MOTION9. Game Over - EXCELLV10. Ban Sabaii - SHEHOOR11. Evolution is real - WIRED VS ZINX