Compilation - Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 1 (CD)


Compilation - Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 1 (CD) Compiled by DJ Transgenic.At the dawn of a technocratic cyberage, in a scarred planet governed by ruthless megacorporations, where global enslavement and human annihilation are imminent, a new breed of powerful frequency manipulators has gathered at a hi-tech laboratory deep inside the mountains of the Mexican Sierra Madre. This new organization, which goes by the name of Terror Lab Industries, is headed by masters of terror Dr. Mindbender and Transgenic.
For this first attack, the Genetic Transgressor has assembled an elite team of sonic troopers from underground cells around the world (Japan, UK, Israel, South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Mexico) to concoct an explosive mix of extreme weaponized noise that will decimate the foundations of all corporate liberty perpetrators. Retribution is at hand, let the terror begin!


1. Neurological Mechanism - NEUROSENSE2. Hunter-Killer - BRAIN HUNTERS3. Semtex Overkill - ZINX4. Kick up the volume - DAMAGE5. Extreme noise terror - TERROR MENTAL6. Hypocracy - HIYARANT7. I feel like dancing - IRONSTEIN8. Believing in nothing - NEURAL RECTIFIER SYNDROME9. Fat of the land - DAMAGE VS ORCA