Compilation - Extrasensory Perception Part II (CD)


Compilation - Extrasensory Perception Part II (CD) Compiled by Martin and Liquid Soul. Just in time for this year's open air season, Mikrokosmos records shows up with it's second release in the Extrasensory perception serie.

Dj Martin and Liquid Soul worked together with the frontline of today's progressive trance scene, to create a lush and unique fl ow of tracks from artists like Ace Ventura, Midimal, Gaudium, Suntree, Protonica and the new project Flowerbomb from Australia.

Also included Dj Martin's new project Human Element, Earsugar with the Dancefloor-Killer 'Bonfire' and Liquid Soul with the massive stomper 'Adrenaline'

This compilation will kick you to the next level!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jul. 2009/31

1. Fast and Delicious - MIDIMAL
2. Adrenaline - LIQUID SOUL
3. Just in Front - GAUDIUM
4. Dark Matter - ACE VENTURA
5. Bonfire - EARSUGAR
6. Floating Point - (morning mix)PROTONICA
7. Sweet Addiction - HUMAN ELEMENT
8. Dusty Hofman - SUNTREE
9. Della Terra - FLOWERBOMB