Compilation - Exploring...Australia (CompactStick)


Compilation - Exploring...Australia (CompactStick) Baroque Records continue the 'Exploring..' series from Australia compiled by Matt Rowan.The local talent scout this time, is Matt Rowan. Following his previous releases with Baroque, we thought he'd be the perfect candidate to sniff out those unheard gems as well as grabbing a tune or two from some of his producer friends, such as Jaytech and Luke Porter.
For the second time this year, we are releasing the album also on Compactstick.

Matt Rowan himself kicks off the compilation, with the wispy electronic 'start', blending into bouncy outings from Mike Redfern and the first Neon Stereo track on the USB Stick. Michael King 'Skindeep' then takes it down a notch, before Rodskeez 'be Happy' gives the stick its true OZ feel with a Didgeridoo! Progress Inn and Chris Meehan both take it up a notch again before Neon Stereo is back with his 2nd cut on the album with the powerful 'Klassik'. Mr Rowans quirky mix on Mortlock and Wowk 'Never Satisfied' flows into the bolshy and bleepy 'Giant Head of Fury' from Kriece. Production powerhouse Jaytech then throws in his wobbly techy and great 'Grip Shift' and Matt himself is back with the equally great 'I want you'. Tracks from Bigfeet and Winston and Yogi get more melodic and peak time, before the darker dirty sounds of Timothy Allan 'Au Naturale' and Luke Porter 'DMZ' finish the mix of in fine style.. A snapshot sound of Australia!

Bonus Material:Continous mix from Matt Rowan

Audios in wav and mp3 Format.


1. Start - MATT ROWAN 
2. Jakarta - MIKE REDFERN 
3. Sanctuary - NEON STEREO 
4. Skin Deep - MICHAEL KING 
5. Be Happy - RODSKEEZ 
6. Earlybird - PROGRESS INN 
7. Thanks Again - CHRIS MEEHAN 
8. Klassik - NEON STEREO 
9. Never Satisfied - (Matt Rowan mix)MORTLOCK AND WOWK 
10. Giant Head Of Fury - KRIECE 
11. Grip Shift - JAYTECH 
12. I Want You - MATT ROWAN
13. Imprint - BIGFEET
14. Analogue Hedgehog - WINSTON AND YODDY
15. Au Naturale - TIMOTHY ALLAN
17. Continous mix - MATT ROWAN