Compilation - Exploration Of Space and Time


Compiled by Lexx Resident.This compilation is splitted in 3 parts. All together a mix between Chillout, Goa, Night and Fullon Psytrance
The 3rd CD 'Exploration of Dreams', has planned his release a few weeks after this double CD (2CD), saving more time on promotion and the most important, the shipping weight until the end costumer, as a 3 double CD will be a heavy piece of art.

In other words, also checkout the next VA release. This 2CD and V.A. 'Exploration of Dreams', perfectly fit together and make one complete story, filled with happy moments, dark moment, chillout moments, euphoric moment, dreams, and more!

It combines the talents of Jikooha, Cosmic Silence, Crossing Mind, Laughing Skull, Electrypnose, Enichkin, Overdream and many many more known from labels like Avatar Records, Suntrip Records, and also previous releases from Dimensional Records

All the tracks have energy, excitement, originality, powerfull production quality, well spaced underground tracks, yet extremely listenable. Thats about all that needs saying about this. Music tells more then words. Just put on the cd's and enjoy the story.


1. Close your eyes - EKOPLEX2. Eternal Dreams - JIKOOHA3. Cosmogenesis 2012 - (Jikooha rmx)COSMIC SILENCE4. Riemann Hypothesis - PEQUALNP5. Dry Bones Vision - LAUGHING SKULL6. Transmitter - PSYCHOMENTAL7. Easy - ENICHKIN8. Time Travel - LEXX RESIDENT9. Optronic Circles - CROSSING MIND10. Blugdayushiv Zyuk - ENICHKIN11. Forest Shaman - (Edit)EKOPLEX12. Where is the exit - ELECTRYPNOSE13. Crysys - SINHAFAZATRON14. Until you yet there - ELECTRYPNOSE15. Is A - ENICHKIN16. All the answers - LEXX RESIDENT17. Synchrotron - MOODSYNE18. Fear and Laugh - LAUGHING SKULL19. Cloud of sound - OVERDREAM