Compilation - Expansion Vol 1 (CompactStick)


Compilation - Expansion Vol 1 (CompactStick) Spin Twist records presents 'Expansion' the first chapter in an all new series of uplifting progressive trance, compiled and created by TesseracTstudio and their artists.

The first compilation showcases 14 of their finest dancefloor gems, filled with rich sounds uplifting melodies, interesting rhytms and unique basslines.

The compilation gently spans across a diverse musical range, progressing from a chill dreamy intro by collaborative project TesseracT, followed by the soft, warm progressive house influences of Vertex and Float. The compilation then moves into the more structured trance sound from their morning artists Nerso and Flegma, and finally reaches tracks highlighted at festivals by Zyce, Flegma, Hardy, Velves and Ectima.

Certainly a fresh new breeze, which guarantees to satisfy a wider audience this upcoming Summer season!

Audios in wav and mp3 Format.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May. 2009/22

1. The Answer - TESSERACT
2. Minimalistic - VERTEX AND FLOAT
3. Remember - FLOAT
4. Globalize - VERTEX
5. Duophonic - NERSO
6. Monolith - HARDY.VELES
7. Pressure - ZYCE AND FLEGMA
9. Fusion - ZYCE AND NERSO
10. Equos - (Flegma and Nerso rmx)KLOPFGEISTER
11. Basic - ZYCE
12. Over and Out - (Flegma and Nerso rmx)MIDIMAL
13. Feed Your Ego - ECTIMA
14. 13 - TESSERACT
15. Pressure Remix Files - ZYCE AND FLEGMA 16. Evolve Remix Files - FLEGMA AND NERSO 17. Feed Your Ego Remix Files - ECTIMA 18. Basic Remix Files - ZYCE -