Compilation - Everlasting


Selected and mixed by Gaudi.This latest compilation from Iboga Records is an impressive collection of largely new and unreleased tracks from an international group of artists who have defined, not only a genre but an era in electronic music. A who's who of the movers and shakers.
These artists are the foundations and land markers who have both created the sound and continued it's evolution through the consistent quality and creativity of their music. The ones who opened up the genre and who are continuing to push the boundaries that define it's sound.

Everlasting is 2 hours of immaculately produced and sonically stimulating deep moody electro.

Gaudi and Iboga have raised the benchmark in electronic music compilation with this album. Each track is, in it's own flavour, a study in multi-dimensional sound and a voyage in itself. If these artists are 'the dons' of their field, then the evidence of titles well earned is right here in this album. It is easy to get lost in each and every track of this compilation so be prepared.


1. Fields of variance - (Spacious mix)VARIANT FIELD 
2. Meandering through the emerald turf - (Gaudi rmx)THE ORB 
3. Squeeze Theorem - TRIPSWITCH 
4. Cuckoo - TIPPER 
5. Masato Eternity - SYSTEM 7 
6. Superior technology dub - EAT STATIC 
7. Atrium - BIRD OF PREY 
8. Smokescreen - (Psy-dub mix)SCREEN 
9. Filling the void - GAUDI 
10. Higher Force - VACUUM SCIENCE 
11. Tribal Ground - MAD PROFESSOR 
12. The 7th spirit - PETE NAMLOOK AND GAUDI 
13. Harmonia - (Deep Seed mix)PITCH BLACK 
14. Thinking of you - LULU ROUGE 
15. Always something better - (Gaudi rmx)TRENTEMOLLER 
17. Rescue - FUNSUI 
18. Butterfly Effect - (Everlasting mix)LAMB 
19. Ear Buds - KRUSSELDORF 
20. Ganja Man - (Everlasting mix)VLASTUR 
21. Better know - CAPES