Compilation - Epeakurean (CD)


Compilation - Epeakurean (CD) Compiled by DJ Gaspard Peak Records is thrilled and psyched to present Epeakurean, a bountifully lush voyage into the stomping realms of psychedelic trance.
Artfully compiled by seasoned DJ Gaspard, Epeakurean features treats from world-renowned artists and upcoming talents from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, The United States, Italy, Greece and South Africa.

From funky to furious, bubbly to blasting, smooth to stomping and twisted to tender, Epeakurean will delight dancefloors and add some dazzle to your darkest day.

Epeakurean is a selection of ten mouthwatering psychedelic delicacies accompanied by a traditionally chilled intro and an experimental outro. As it is custom at Peak, there are no gaps between the tracks, thus allowing a flowing home-listening experience, while remaining an ideal tool for DJs.

Epeakurean is a celebration of life and psychedelia that will leave you wide-eyed and drooling! Tune in, Stomp on and Peak out!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/49

1. Happy Curious (Intro) - Yab-Yum
2. Skabanevasma - Onkel Dunkel
3. Chronoton - Ajja
4. Wholegrain Nuts - Rev, Apex
5. Godzilla - Drumatik, Dj Amazon
6. Frouzziland - Shotu
7. Only Noise - Lenz, Peace-Ka
8. Mmmmmh - Yab Yum, Apex
9. Skill Research - Karash
10. The Thickens Plot - Deep Brian From Bosis
11. 1-4 - Full Face
12. Lullabye Bye (Outro) - Cosmosophy