Compilation - Energy Waves (CD)


Compilation - Energy Waves (CD) 'The Energy Wave is a disturbance, that propagates through space and time usually with transference of positive energy!' And positive energy we bring! Suntrip starts 2010 with a compilation filled with 9 positive, dreamy, melodic sunrise tracks for magical dancefloor moments!
As always, our compilations are a mix between established and new talents! As a Suntripper, you'll recognise Mindsphere for sure. He starts with a beautiful atmospheric downtempo track, followed by a morning masterpiece from the Brazilian talent Astrancer. After that, E-Mantra's remix of Khetzal's classic 'Indian Attic' gives more drive and power to the compilation. Now you're ready to discover new shapes and horizons, you'll enjoy 2 storming tracks by Suntrip-debuts Liquid Flow and French Somnesia vs PharaOm.Then let's get back to dreamland again: Astrancer and Antares made beautiful ethereal tracks willed with positivism. RA and Space Elves finish the compilation with very deep emotional-to-euphoric trancy music!

Be prepared for more energy: this compilation is actually the first episode of a dual release. The second part, called 'Temple of Chaos' will spring up later this year and will concentrate on darker, more twisted and acidic Goa trance!


1. The Awakening - MINDSPHERE2. Inhabitants of the sun - (Gnostic Theory)ASTRANCER3. Indian Attic - (E-Mantra's Tellurian rmx)KHETZAL4. God's Tears - SOMNESIA VS PHARAOM5. Reformation - LIQUID FLOW6. Athanaton - ASTRANCER7. Eureka - ANTARES8. Time Current - (Silver rmx)RA9. Anjuna Beach - SPACE ELVES