Compilation - Encoder Operations


Compiled by Zonka'Encoder Operations', the third physical compilation of Uxmal Records, compiled by Zonka.
9 exclusive tracks from todays best artists in the progressive trance scene.

With tracks from Sensogram, Stratil, Woodwise, Electruids, Helber Gun, Pakman, Natural Vibes, Twins Synesthetic bring you awesome tracks.

With a incredible good flow, this compilation catch you from the first second on and let you make your own, all this groovy tracks with different styles such as off beat, double bass and some groovy swing tracks will blow your mind.


1. Deep Connection - SENSOGRAM 
2. On Beat - STRATIL 
3. Sugar Rush - SYNESTHETIC 
4. Blue Bottle - WOODWISE 
5. Not amuse - ELECDRUIDS 
6. Human Extinction - HELBER GUN 
7. Time Code - PAKMAN 
8. Circle of eight - NATURAL VIBES 
9. Flow Control - TWINS