Compilation - Ekinox - Spring Festival (CD)


Compilation - Ekinox - Spring Festival (CD) The Ekinox Festival, one of the best down the crazy border of Mexico has been amazingly packed into a CD ready to put some kick and bass into your headphones.
The surprises keep on coming with Mechanik who gathers 9 of the best new and oldtalents floating around the scene such as New Members Smashed from Spain, the combined forces of Neuromotor, Cosmochaos called 'The Phat Katz' and Keeping the legend onwe have 'The Crazy Lions Cult'.

Being put together by the heads of Ekinox Zacka and Insanix Label Manager of Mechanik, this experience will make you want to get up and dance!


1. Saw Your Phat - THE PHAT KATZ (NEUROMOTOR VS COSMOCHAOS)2. Confusion - COSMOCHAOS3. Baraka - HYPER FREQUENCIES4. Triplex - CRAZY LIONS CULT5. Polyticks - REL6. Dimensional Shift - AKROS7. Dark Jungle - Z3RO8. You Go Banzai - SMASHED9. The Eccentrics - Z3RO, 3M, PSYKID