Compilation - Earth (CD)


Compilation - Earth (CD) Altar Records presents its fourth compilation under the theme of the element 'Earth'.This 4th release colourfully vibrates of deep and melodic sounds, and I thank every artist on this compilation for having created music which specifically celebrates Mother Earth, Gaia, Pacha Mama...whatever you may call her!
In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling, for your pleasure, a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value.

The discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.

A year after the release of 'Air', Dj Zen compiles 'Earth' with the collaboration of Iz Marceau, therefore adding femininity and gentleness over the most magical of the Elements releases.

I pay my respects to her, for through her grace and will she knows how to lovingly create and support all living things and creatures under her sky.

We owe her everything!


1. Tierra Azul - (Vocal Version)VIBRASPHERE FEAT. IZ 
2. 2012 - CJ CATALIZER 
3. I'll be there - CJ CATALIZER VS. ZYMOSI 
4. Unity of cultures - TENTURA VS. ZYMOSIS 
5. Magic Species - (Kadasarva rmx)ZYMOSIS VS. TENTURA 
6. March of the Lunar Priests - RA 
7. Raining over the sun - LAB'S CLOUD 
8. Ants World - CHRONOS 
9. An Talamh - ASURA 
10. Lost Island - CHI A.D