Compilation - Dubstep Academy 101 - San Francisco


The San Francisco Dubstep Academy 101 compiled by Dubster Spook (San Francisco) presents 17 fresh tracks hot from the dancefloors and dub pits of the Bay Area, The West Coasts most prominent hotbed of producers grinding out some of the world's most notorious hits!
Each track fits perfectly in the set and tells a freaky frolicky adventure and booty shakin tales of epic big phat bass. This compilation spear heads the new series documenting the front lines of the party world and teaches you with each session why you need to enroll in the Dubstep Academy!


1. Sugar Rush - HEDLOK 
2. Let's Party - GRIZZLY J 
3. Floor Burn - MUNICIPAL YOUTH 
4. Down - ALIAS. 
5. Movin Groovin - PILLIJAH 
7. Samuel Colt - (Droid Sector rmx)D-PROGRAM 
8. Hedge Maze - FROSTRAVEN 
9. Dead Tide - ARCH RIVAL 
10. Drums of war - MYKIES MCFILTHY 
11. Crims and Cops - D-QUEUE AND LUKE NUKEM 
12. Concentration Breaker - BITBYBIT 
13. Boss Levels - ALIAS. 
14. Data Mode - MUNICIPAL YOUTH 
15. Asian Prostitute - DALLON VOSE, MYKIES MCFILTHY16. Echocentric - (Dubstep Mix)LEENUZ17. Select Function - RANDOM ROBOT