Compilation - Dream Surfer (CD)


Compilation - Dream Surfer (CD) In his new compilation entitled Dream Surfer, the eminent DJ Psyco Zaika explores the topic of dreams and illusions assisted by the cream of the Zaikadelic talent crop from across the globe.

Tsabeat from Israel, Para Halu and The Path from Hungary, Ocelot from USA form the ranks of famed and much loved Zaikadelic artists. As for newly discovered producers, those are represented by Inner Vision and Cartoons form Macedonia, Moodsyne from Sweden and Tranzlation from New Zealand.

The title track has been crafted by the rising Zaikadelic superstar Saikozaurus from the Ukraine. All the tracks are unsurpassably psychedelic and have been spun by The Zaikadelic Crew at parties and festivals worldwide, which makes them dancefloor-tested and psyhead-approved.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. Metamorphosis - TSABEAT 2. Dark Summer - INNER VISION 3. My way on the highway - PARA HALU 4. Stormtrooper - THE PATH 5. Mental Haze - MOODSYNE 6. Shamans Cry - TRANZLATION 7. Dream Surfer - SAIKOZAURUS 8. Trilogy - CARTOONS 9. Sing Song - OCELOT, TSABEAT -