Compilation - Dream Creation Vol 1 CD + Magazine (CD)


Compilation - Dream Creation Vol 1 CD + Magazine (CD) Compiled by Dream Creation editor and coordinator Stu and Rena Psibindi.A collection of fresh tunes by mainly new artists from the London underground psytrance scene. Chameleon's X Dream inspired 'Kymatica' picks up the baton, deftly passing it to Aphid Moon for his remix of Green Nun's classic 'Rock Bitch Mafia'. Seeds of Play are up next with their deeply rattled and finely detailed 'Peak'. The CD features 2 tracks from Synchronicity 'soon to be classic' 'The Crack Spider' and urgently pumping extruded plasma-fest 'Brain Wires'. Centauro and Monkee team up for more pacey mutation in the form of 'Cow Bell' and Module Virus gives us his shuddering pacey groover 'Spliff Politics' leaving Experimental Sound Project's luscious dub workout 'Chacruna Dub' to round things off nicely.
The CD also contains a data section with extra flash content and PDFs of several issues of Dream Creation magazine including the current one which contains profiles of all the artists featured on the CD.


1. Kymatica - CHAMELEON2. Rock Bitch Mafia - (Aphid Moon rmx)GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION3. Peak - SEEDS OF PLAY4. The Crack Spider - MODULE VIRUS AND HUNTER5. Brain Wires - MODULE VIRUS AND HUNTER6. Cow Bell - CENTAURO AND MONKEE7. Spliff Politics - MODULE VIRUS8. Chacruna Dub - (Mama Aya's mix)EXPERIMENTAL SOUND PROJECT