Compilation - Double Helix (CD)


Compilation - Double Helix (CD) Doof records is coming out with another killer compilation to seal the memories of the passing summer, bringing you the greatest hits which blow clouds of dust of stumping feet, on dance floors around the globe.
Old known Doofers like: Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev, Zirkin and Orca bringing each his unique sound together with surprising new talents that will rock our scene in the next winter.

Doof has always pushed the borders by releasing sounds that were off the beaten track. Sounds that were Highly energetic, acid dripping, interesting and complex.

Take cover while their intense basslines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno. Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. Crazy World - Peace Ka
2. The Beast - Cactus
3. Disordered Structure - Zirkin
4. Monologue - Entropy
5. Squirm Diddle - Rev
6. Scum Of The Earth (Rmx) - Double R.E.L
7. We Control The Tempo - Orca
8. Cerberal Celebration - Konflux
9. Lost Fetish - Tetedset