Compilation - Digital Frequencies (CD)


Compilation - Digital Frequencies (CD) Dinsha Prana Records is proud to present V.A Digital Frequencies. Second album edited under this record label in Barcelona, Spain.

Dedicade to promote the new full on Psytrance mega producers in the world. This time macking an explosive fusion of talented and creative minds of countries such as Israel, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico.

'Digital Frequencies' is a powerful mix between hard and agressive beats with strong and continious basslines, amazing atmospheres and fat and fresh sounds that we never hear before...

A BPM range from 145 and 147. All tracks are a new kind of powerful Psytrance music for everyone who likes strong productions, full on leads and remarkable melodies loaded of energy. Creating an amazing travel from the night time to the morning.

Dinsha Prana Records is ready to rock dance floor again!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/37

1. Sopro de Samba - METAL WIZARD 

-  2. Sala-Din - HYPNOXOCK 

-  3. Creacking Sonority - ATTIK 

-  4. Cause and Effect V.2 - BRAIN HUNTERS 

-  5. Welcome to paradise - KLACID 

-  6. Magnetik - TECHNICAL IKON 

-  7. Go and Back - ECHOACTIVE 

-  8. Coffee and Cigarretes - Y-EAST 

-  9. Bats are coming - ORGANIC SOUP -