Compilation - Digidelights V.1 (CD)


Compilation - Digidelights V.1 (CD) Compiled by Mindstorm and TripyMindstorm aka Doctor Spook serves up a bountiful selection of the highest caliber packed full of full throttle dance music with absolutely pristine production.
Gigantic melodies, blistering bass lines and next dimensional kicks will give you the power and euphoric energy every dance floor needs. Expect to truly be uplifted with this compilation from the masterminds of mind expanding psychedelic trance music... Digital Drugs Coalition. From beginning to end you are treated to a perfect variety of both the leading legends from the global psychedelic dance floors and a balance of talented new comers that are exploding their local music communities with a non stop dose of DigiDelights!


1. Tribal Quest - (Kinesis rmx)POLARIS2. Odyssey - (2010 rmx)CRYING FREEMEN3. Save the last human - RANDOM LIGHT4. The Invincible - REACTIVE5. Stop us now - (Feat Dj Bobby Wan)POLYPHEME6. Molly - FROSTRAVEN7. Face Of - DR. HOFFMAN8. Nuclear Sun - (Micro Scan rmx)VIRTUAL LIGHT9. Circus Light - (Live mix)TETUNA