Compilation - Deviant Behaviour


Prepare yourself for a deep mental ride through abstract and enigmatic soundscapes.Take a look at the recent developments of our world, and you will recognize that we are living in times full of changes. The source of this transformation, no matter if its personal, cultural or social, is to be deviant to the norm which was existing before. Every revolution starts with radical reactions, arising from deviant behaviour, the source of the force.
Deviant Force Rec, is expressing its power and influence through this compilation filled with 9 groundbreaking and uncompromising tracks for the nighttime. Consequently, the result is a fusion of organic and industrial moods, ranging from deep and dark, to powerful and trippy tunes, introducing you to what's next in the abyss of sound.


1. Orient Express - SEPTAGRAM 
2. Inner Disorder - (Silent Horror rmx)PSYKOVSKY 
3. Deviant Thoughts - KULU 
4. Chemical Sorcery - L.A.B. 
5. Sharp Edges - HAUNTED SPECTRE 
6. Deviant Arts - RAWAR 
7. Aum Vibrations - CRACKED NOZES 
8. Chaotic Visions - SATOR AREPO 
9. No Breaks - KOKOBLOKO