Compilation - Destinations 2 (CD)


Compilation - Destinations 2 (CD) Compiled by the Iono music label heads Murus and Cubixx! Here comes part two of the famous Destinations series, as Iono Music is known for their claim to increase the quality to the top, you won't be disappointed by this release.
It includes nine mind blowing dance tracks from today's international top producers like old stagers Yotopia, Nasser (giving you a foretaste of his long awaited album which will be worth to watch out for), S-Range (Nasa remixed), ARW (which is a side project by Gaudium artist Andreas Wennerskoeld) as well as Motion Drive and Midimal (Zyce remixed).

Furthermore this perfect collection of finest psy-progressive tunes comprises tracks by Flowjob (remixed by Grandmaster Aerospace) the fresh Danish Iono artists Time in Motion, who already arrested worldwide attention on past Iono releases. Last but not least Israeli artists Mute are doing you the compliment of showing their brilliant and innovative production skills in terms of remixing Timedrained's popular album track 'Bob Jackson'.

So without any exception this second episode of Iono's successful compilation series comes along in high end productions from gifted artist, who have worked quite hard to make this release one of the most impressive psyprog-trance releases of this year.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/41

1. Stereo Bug - Yotopia
2. Deep Devil (Zyce Rmx) - Midimal
3. Searching For New Levels - Arw
4. Disco Slave - Motion Drive
5. Shadowgaze - Time In Motion
6. Don't Believe In Mirrors (Aerospace Rmx) - Flowjob
7. Fixed - Nasser
8. Bob Jackson (Mute Rmx) - Timedrained
9. Ilha Bela (Nasa Rmx) - S-Range