Compilation - Dark Room Beats (CD)


Aleph Zero wants to welcome you to our Dark Room.Three years of meticulous work it took us to design the room's sonic surroundings. With the help of some of our leading artists such as Shulman, Hibernation, Omnimotion, Eitan Reiter (hosting label head DJ Shahar), Vataff Project, Krusseldorf, and Aligning Minds and very distinguished guests as the legendary Robert Rich, minimal techno masters Minilogue, Good Rester (aka Fognode), I Awake, Ovnimoon and others, we've created an autonomous sonic space with various electronic and acoustic textures and beats.
Come relaxed and open minded, turn off the lights, and let us take you somewhere else without ever leaving your room. Dark Room Beats.


1. Outsider Looking In - ALTAIR 
2. Tetraphobia - PHASEPHOUR 
3. Cajita de Sorpresas - OVNIMOON 
4. Boxing - KRUSSELDORF 
5. Rebooting Daisy - OMNIMOTION AND I AWAKE 
6. Yangchin Jazz - HIBERNATION 
7. Dark - GOOD RESTER 
8. One Point One - ALEXANDER DAF 
9. Tee-Child - ALIGNING MINDS 
10. Moth Wings - ROBERT RICH 
12. One Step Closer - (Eitan Reiter and DJ Shahar rmx)SHULMAN 
13. When the roof is low... - MINILOGUE FEAT. INID IMMAN