Compilation - Culture Vulture (CD)


A year of silence and here it comes again.After the breathtaking success, of our previous album 'V.A. Omnipresence', Vertigo Records would like to invite you on a trip to the crossroads of infinity!
There you can experience the limitless joy of an ultramarine horizon. Our compilation 'V.A. Culture Vulture', is fresh, ripe and it's making a landing near you soon! We have gathered together all the best tracks from the last year and weaved them into one seamless trance sunset!

Let us once again transform your sense of reality with our state-of-the-art PSY culture from Europe, Australia and Russia.


1. Dumb and Dumbiest - TROLD2. Brain Damage - BRAINCELL3. Voice of light - WHOOP4. Sunbeam - LIQUIDSHIRE5. Troll Caves - BRAINCELL6. Process of Lanctus - DELIRIOUS NOON7. Strange Feeling - TROLD8. Cosmic Consciousness - HEDONIX9. Londistance - TROLD