Compilation - Creaking Rhythms Valley


After a short-term break for work in digged caves and search of inspiration on magic glades under hats of mushrooms, sorcerers from Treetrolla Records have made opening of a completely new potion and glad to present to attention of fans of shadowy, abstract and live organic music the 2nd psychedelic tale, which transfers the listener to the valley of the 'Creaking Rhythms'.
Which focuses on strong muscular Psychedelic Music crafted specially by our team of world renowned and intensively refined sound engineers for a powerful dancefloor experience to all the party people worldwide!

The idea behind this compilation remains completeley unadultrated and pure psychedelic. Our main aim has been to present our audience a wide range of frequencies which were never ever heard before.

We hope that you relish these audio delicacies. Lets enjoy the music.


1. Dtox - ZITHROX 
2. Iter Itineris Conscintia - TERRATECH 
3. Its not crime - GU 
4. Nibiru Passage - (rmx)MIND DISTORTION SYSTEM 
5. Unheard - SILENT HORROR 
6. Book of souls - PARAFORCE 
7. False Cure - FATAL DISCORD 
8. Shiva Warrior - PARAFORCE 
9. Digital Odyssey - DIGITALX 
10. Brain Vibrations - PARAFORCE


1. Inzeladun - PAGANOPATH 
2. Brain Forests - GOCH 
3. Haxan - WHRIKK 
4. Treetrospher - AMORPHOUS 
5. Quetzalcoatl - ODR 
6. Lost Momentum - PAGANOPATH 
7. And the elders said ... - GORM 
8. Eat a sphere - PUROSURPO 
9. Panther - KA SOL