Compilation - Cosmo Sounds Volume 01 (CD)


Compilation - Cosmo Sounds Volume 01 (CD) Compiled by Tripy and Mindstorm. Tripy and Mindstorm combine forces to deliver a unique and well balanced perfect selection for the summer season. 11 Strong tracks from the leaders of the underground sound will keep you dancing from sunset to sunrise. Enjoy this pure pleasure collection chosen by two dedicated party specialists.

Cosmo Sounds Records is an electronic dance music label from Australia focused on psychedelic trance, progressive and psychill artists from around the globe who are creating the sound that the dance floors of the world crave!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. Odyssey 2009 - (Polypheme rmx)CRYING FREEMEN2. Psybernetic - (Tripy rmx)ATOMIC PULSE VS MINDSTORM3. Ornic - (Random rmx)ELECTRYPNOSE4. Alien Chakra - IMIX5. Drugs open your eyes - (3mix)AYA6. Carminaburana - GOE7. The time traveler - FROSTRAVEN8. Chicken Teriyaki - HYPOHEKTIKA9. Crop Circles - TETUNA10. Take your time - BRATEX11. On the run - CHANG -