Compilation - Cosmic Connections - Chapter One (2CD)


Compilation - Cosmic Connections - Chapter One (2CD) Compiled by Dj Boom Shankar and ABS.Europe based Bmss Records is about to welcome you into the open air season of 2010.
Dj Boom Shankar and ABS joined forces to take you on a full circle of trance by revealing their best and hidden unreleased gems of cutting edge Psy Trance and more... More?

Yes! We thought it's about time to give you, the listeners and Dj's the chance to have a release which would please you in total, no matter what kind of sub sound genre you primarily prefer. No stereotyped thinking involved here but a full conceptualized experience across all states of a festival spread over two CD's. Cosmic Connections is a complete dance trance trip from night towards the mystical twilight hours and continues towards an old school Goa-blessed morning; finally reaching the sunlight with calmer progressive beats and finishes with a beautiful chill out track to complete the experience.

Cosmic Connections features a special multi-page booklet with lots of info about the artists involved and our history. Tim Schuldt of 4CN Studios is responsible for the superb mastering and Miro Moric created the mind blowing artwork.

All in all a high-class, very special limited edition release. No reprints will be done, so order your copy now and cosmically connect! We are very much looking forward to enlighten your eyes and ears...


1. Synchronica - SULIMA2. Out of sight - MIDA3. Help Me - POIZON4. Inner Cave - AMORPHAX5. Operating Room - ZION LINGUIST6. Ear Function - FLAME7. Energy System - OUTER SIGNAL8. Beat Concept - SLUG9. Organic Day - GEKO10. Donkey Ride - REFRACT11. Beat Generation - ATMA12. Majestic 12 - KAJOLA13. The Realm - (rmx)ARKANOYDZ14. Future Memory - SOUL KONTAKT15. Echoes - YAN GECKO16. Humility - SUBCONSCIOUSMIND (SCM)17. Stone Gate - ASTRAL GNOMIX18. Melem - TALPA19. Organic - MELLER20. 10 Flourospherical Pressure - 10 FLOUROSPHERICAL PRESSURE ATATI