Compilation - Cool People Suck


Compiled by Noktamid and Adda.Audioalchemists Rec. proudly presents the hot compilation of label Artists Noktamid and Adda.
Noktamid from Germany and Adda from Switzerland are both experts for progressive trance. They have released on labels like Audioalchemists Records, Spin Twist Records, Medium Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and more.

It was a great pleasure for this two prog heads to collect the nine exclusive tracks before they will release their album on Audioalchemists Records. Its doesn't matter if you are cool or not, because the music on this hot collection it is. The sound of hot artists Kularis, Moontales, Flow Box, Gordon Bleu, N.A.S.A. and the Audioalchemists Noktamid and Adda themselve represents their sense for up-to-time progressive trance.

Go ahead and enter the new dimension, its all about music.


1. The boundaries of our fears - GORDON BLEU 
2. Sword in the darkness - N.A.S.A. 
3. Monza Test Drive - NOKTAMID 
4. Waterzone - KULARIS 
6. All about music - MOONTALES 
7. One way ticket - ADDA 
8. Go Ahead - HUMAN ELEMENT 
9. New Dimension - FLOW BOX