Compilation - Completely Crooked (CD)


Free Radical Records 5th release 'Completely Crooked' combines a variety of well known artists and some new talents with very unique styles the compilation consists of a lot of collaboration tracks from artists all over all, who are very solid in there own styles.
The tracks are banging and intelligent psychedelic tunes at there best. The release has quite a fast knarly tracklist which is flying from the beginning with the same flow as all the other releases. All tracks work well together making this compilation flow from one track to the other till the end.


1. Mahaya - ARCEK AND HAWK2. Between cool and wicked - KINDZADZA, HIGHKO, ELECTRYPNOSE3. Total Departure - KARMAZON4. Violet Skies - KASHYYYK AND ANKUR5. Time Paradox - PARALOCKS6. Ungrained - ASSAULT JUNKIES AND BOMBAX7. Urban Vandals - CRANKSHAFT8. Potstirrer - SPYRALLUS9. Kinetic Intelligence - CHRIS RICH AND LOOSE CONNECTION