Compilation - Clash (CD)


Compilation - Clash (CD) Materia Records is proud to announce the 10th release, compilation Clash! Massive and DJ Moira join forces to present a sophisticated selection of talented artists, combined with a high quality approach of production and mastering. The 9 unreleased tracks from well known producers have been carefully selected and tested on dance floors across the globe.

The compilation includes top notch collaborations, international trance stars, dance floor hits, catchy rhythms, dreamy melodies, and deeper feelings. What more to say...The track listing speaks for itself.

'Massive' is the Full On, psychedelic, solo project of Davina (aka Sirius Isness/Davina). Highly acclaimed all over the world, her debut album 'NOT AN Angel was one of the biggest surprises of 2008. 'DJ Moira' aka Moira SantibaA ez has been mixing non-stop becoming one of the most popular Spanish DJ's around, always delivering a perfectly matched mix and a great vibe on the dance floor.

In 2004 Dj Anahata, together with Moira, founded the first Spanish Trance label 'Materia Records'. After the success of her first release v/a BIG Bang', Moiras' back to make you dance.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul 2009/30

1. Gym in Ibiza - MASSIVE 2. Zero One - SIRIUS ISNESS 3. Lets Play - CPU 4. Team up in barcelone - BIO GENESIS, SIRIUS ISNESS 5. Electricity Clash - MASSIVE, DELYSID 6. Save my soul - (rmx)PEACE MAKER 7. Knod Job - MAD MAXX 8. Flying Saucers - NOMAD 9. Think for yourself - MASSIVE, AUDIO HI JACK -