Compilation - Cinema Of Consciousness


Compiled by PGM and ILA.'Cinema of consciousness' is the brand new compilation from Savva Records compiled by Pgm and Ila and was specially conceptualized for the open air season.
'Cinema of consciousness' invites you on a journey through various progressive styles, driven by bumping beats and ethereal melodies.

The carefully selected unreleased tracks cater for all lovers of groovy beats as well as for true friends of lightning speed spheres.

This very special release features internationally established artists such as Cabal vs Vice, Lightsphere, Philter and Odd Sequence as well as scene newcomers Lunar Surface, Peak Processor and Complexx.

This is your ticket and when the curtain goes up you will be ready to trance...


1. Midnight Shuffle - WIRED AND DISCONNECTED 
2. Moments of truth - ODD SEQUENCE 
3. Shineline - CABAL AND VICE 
4. Shamanic Eyes - COMPLEXX 
5. Spying on the spy - PHILTER 
6. Inside the sphere - LUNAR-SURFACE 
7. Magiera Anhandra - PEAK PROCESSOR 
8. Rush Hour - LIGHTSPHERE 
9. Big Nuts - D VISION