Compilation - Chronika Chapter IV


Compiled by Alex Tolstey.10 years since the first Chronika Chapter 1 release in 2002 and here we are again your true Sonic Boshke Perverts bringing you the fourth chapter of already classic compilation series compiled and executed by the label head Alex Tolstey.
Midimiliz aka Extrawelt, The Delta aka Marcus C. Maichel from X-Dream, Fuzzion, Metalogic, Adam Jay, Jurek Przezdziecki all those names don't need an introduction or description, those are most influent'heavy weight players in electronic dance music today releasing their music on top labels as Cocoon, Perc Trax, Drumcode, Affin, Traum, Ideal Audio etc..., and what unites them all is the roots and the vision they share and spread in the last decades, with their own sonic philosophy of how the techno music should sound like in the XXI century.

Some call it psychedelic techno, some techno-trance, we prefer to call it Offshore Techno or Boshke sound, the sound that succeed to survive and establish itself beyond any trends and modern tendencies of dance music, the sound that still remains underground and keeps on waking up people's imagination and inspire not only other producers and djs but also painters, writers and even movie makers. As well there is some new comers on this chapter like a new super-project Triangle Eyes which is a collaboration between Alex Tolstey himself and his friends Konstantin Gervis and Michael Handros, plus new tunes from The Rockitmen, Adeway, Trple Distilled and another super collaboration between Marcus C. Maichel of the Delta/X-Dream and Arne and Wayan from Midimiliz/Extrawelt as 'Der Interpret'.


1. Fourteen - TRIANGLE EYES 
2. Disintegrator - (Chronika Dub)ADAM JAY 
3. FM Factory - (Metalogic rmx)FUZZION 
4. Sharpshooter - TRIANGLE EYES 
5. Deep and Bleep - THE DELTA 
6. Druckabfall - DER INTERPRET 
7. Smoke Seducer - THE ROCKITMEN 
8. Unrest - (original mix)MIDIMILIZ 
9. The Stars and The Stones - JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI 
10. Morphology - ADEWAY 
11. La Piece Blue - (Fuzzion rmx)JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI 
12. Hush Hush Hash - TRIPLE DISTILLED