Compilation - Chilly Peppers Vol 1 (CD)


Compilation - Chilly Peppers Vol 1 (CD) Beats and Pieces are very happy to present the first compilation in the Chilly Peppers series.'Chilly Peppers Vol 1' offers a great blend of relaxed beats with psychedelic flavours and swaying dubby moves. We present you with a collection of tracks that tell a story individually and collectively in a relaxed atmosphere, yet one that can still move you physically and emotionally. The experienced hands of DJ Shahar weaved the journey with the help of established artists such as Bluetech, Subterfuge (new project from Seb Taylor, aka Kaya Project/Angel Tears/Hibernation), Capsula, Anahata, Eastern Sprit, in Dub, Agalactia and Altair. You'll also be able to hear fresh sounds from some new promising names as: Lauge and Baba Gnohm, Anro, Dumping Factor and Sonic Logic. Don't miss out on some Chillout with spice!
'End Game' is a chronicle from the distant future where life has changed dramatically in ways you can barely imagine! After technology ran rampant through the civilized regions of the planet a new form of synthetic sentience emerged and questioned its own reason for existence. Deep in the Nexus of the great architects of this twisted timeline the Future Frequencies of Technology were being manipulated. The creature is literally a Growling Machine running rampant through My House remixing it into astonishing new dimensions with a powerful Block Device revision. The story continues as the freshly emancipated cyborg becomes a self realized individual screaming out to the world for Vengence as it becomes known as Phatmatix. Exploring this Massive technological world we seek an answer to Why They Look Like Us while being remixed using Polypheme transformation methods. Out in the megalopolis a Phonic Request by the Terraformers is declared: Are We Robots? When suddenly appearing to quell what might have turned into a riotous robotic revolution the Mesmerizer appears and announced that everyone is Going To Have Fun! The whole city becomes one synchronized Digital Sound Project with the code name K.O.R.N. (Kinetic Orbiting Reactive Navigator). The projects goal to create a deep space multi dimensional Voyager and E-Fact gathering platform dubbed Crazy Diamond that will essentially set up a semi permanent base on the dark side of the moon and create a interdimensional portal and we wish you were here for the opening party! A launch date for Kinesis into another dimension was set for 12-2112. The Aladiah consulted all the Signs then gave the ship a Salty Kiss and sent it off for its maiden voyage! Truly an epic tale with truly an epic cast 20 world class international artists contributed phenomenal music, outstanding graphics, pristine audio mastering and inspirational leadership, vision and determination to collect the very best work as a truly memorable time capsule of our futuristic present day of 2010 looking forward into the distant past to discover an oddly wonderful tomorrow waiting for us each day with magic mixed with mighty new technology empowering us to fulfill our collective dreams of an ever growing and improving collective world vision of peace and borderless beats! Compiled by French trance innovator Kinesis (half of Crying Freemen) and presented on one of the leading psytrance labels in the world, Spun Records! Visionary Graphic Art by Nico Psy Art in France.


1. Nexus - FFT 
2. My house - (Block Device rmx)GROWLING MACHINES 
3. Vengeance - PHATMATIX 
4. Why they look like us - (Polypheme rmx)MASSIVE 
6. Going to have fun - MESMERIZER 
8. Crazy Diamond - (Voyager rmx)VOYAGER AKA ALTOM VS E-FACT 
9. 12-21-12 - KINESIS 
10. Salty Kiss - ALADIAH VS SIGNS


1. Forever - SUBTERFUGE 
2. Melancholy - ANAHATA 
3. To hear and listen - AGALACTIA 
4. Life is... - SONIC LOGIC 
5. Overall Pattern - CAPSULA 
6. The day after yesterday - LAUGE AND BABA GNOHM 
7. Abandon all cities - BLUETECH 
8. Clouds in open sky - DUMPING FACTOR 
9. Dubbing the catalyst - TOR.MA IN DUB 
10. Tranquilo - ANRO 
11. Reminisce - ALTAIR