Compilation - Chillpresso 2 - Dari Bali (CD)


Following the success of the 'Chillpresso 1' Bali-based Hypo-espresso Records deliver the second title of now popular 'Chillpresso' series.
11 brand new chill out tracks from Hypo producers, featuring 5 guest vocalists from all over the globe. This album maintains the seamless chill flow whole through. The CD cover will be as luxurious as ever, featuring many special printing technics such as polly silver layer, etc. The CD also includes a gorgeous 12 page booklet with plenty of beautiful Bali pictures as well!


1. Dream of Satpam - (feat Gusti Santika)ZEN LEMONADE2. Sky Passage - PAAM93. Sang the palm - (Wave mix feat Reason)SUPERCOZI4. Birds are dancing - ZEN LEMONADE5. Karma Voyage - (feat Lex Empress)SUPERCOZI6. Bluelines - GUS TILL7. Don't let your love be wallpaper - PAAM98. Wine and Sofa - SUPERCOZI9. Tree of souls - (feat Michele Adamson)ZEN LEMONADE10. Zoomacca - (Lemongrass Mix)SUPERCOZI11. Light Rain - (feat Chika Asamoto)GUS TILL