Compilation - Chemical Synapses (CD)


Compiled by Avizz and CortexA small sequence of sounds and vibrations that are produced in the synaptic transition of a presynaptic neuron to a post synaptic cell inside the formation of our central nervous system makes it clear that until the formation of our central nervous system, we are linked with the same sound and vibrations. The chemical synapses between two labels of different continents (Mexico and Boundless Biomechanix music records Israel) resulted in a huge merger speaking in musical terms, combining the production of fresh new talents from Mexico and Israel, creating the musical synapses. The compilation was selected by Avizz and Cortex in their zeal to discover new and innovative musical proposals came to the result of how the neurons and cells work in the formation of a perfect nervous system within the human brain ...
Efflorum is Immu Laitalainen, born in 1987, from the city of Vaasa, Finland. After many successful years walking on his own unique path, Efflorum is ready to bring out his own perspectives of psychedelica and deep melancholy in the form of 10 very different drafts.

This is an original opus made out of fast aggressive tracks, glitchy and difficult breakbeats, downtempo and some of the most touching melodies. Efflorum brings us a 'must have' alternative experience for all the ones who seek something new and entirely anomalous from the guitar-pop psytrance which is spreading everywhere nowadays. It is also not perky and happy 'suomisound' as typical Finnish psy, nor church-burning-night-psy.

It is a masterpiece and a definition for the words 'making love to an innocent mind''.


1. Prelude 
2. Raton Laveur 
3. Gamtryptyerra 
4. Citadel 
5. Quadrant 
6. Fractura 
7. Shattered 
8. Porfyra 
9. Mandrakes Root 
10. Pyxis Nautica


2. Multistate - BRAIN HUNTERS 
3. Cosmic Space - (Brainbokka rmx)DAPANJI 
4. New Resurection - SAGA CONSPIRACY 
5. Chemical Synapses - SHADAI AND T.D.R VS CORTEX 
6. Stereo Wars - NEO GENETIC 
7. Total Overdose - INSANE LOGIC 
8. Heavy Rain - BRAYN TEK 
9. Just do it - ILIUCHINA VS CORTEX 
10. Wrong side - REMOVE