Compilation - Breaking Point (2CD)


Compilation - Breaking Point (2CD) Compiled by Dj TubeTube selected the most powerful and exciting tracks, all tested on dance floors worldwide. Breaking Point includes 18 previously new and unreleased tracks produced by top international and israel producers. Names like, Tube, Dino Psaras, Insomnia, Exaile, A-Team, CPU and many more.
Newcomers like Crazy Tone, Crox, Faith, Loud Inside, D.N.I, and Twisted Reaction produce a new kind of powerful trance music with top production.

So be ready to step up to the other side of joy and experience...

Get ready for this super hit...


1. The Rock Show - TUBE 
2. Restore the past - INSOMNIA 
3. Analog to digital - (Tube rmx)EXAILE 
4. A time to kill - CRAZY TONE 
5. Breaking Point - TUBE 
6. Cold Novembash - A-TEAM 
7. Basin City - (Ignition rmx)SPECTOR 
8. Come to break - LOUD INSIDE 
9. Dramatic Drop - (D.N.I. rmx)TUBE 
10. Spartan Law rmx - DELYSID 
11. Radio Edit rmx - EXAILE 
12. Space Time - TUBE 
13. Get up idiot - KROX 
14. Tuned In - (Dino Psaras idol mix)KROMEANGELS 
15. Smash 'N' Grass - TUBE 
16. Massage - FAITH 
17. Speed Box - CPU ON ACID 
18. RockandRoll'a - TWISTED REACTION