Compilation - Brave Japan 311


This Compilation was created for the benefit of the people who were affected by the tragedy of 311.On March 11th, 2011 the lives of many people in Japan were greatly affected by the wrath of an earthquake and a tsunami. Many lives changed drastically that day. It was without a doubt one of the most serious disasters ever to hit. When serious disasters like this happen, it is our duty as human beings to help each other out by any and all means necessary.
This release is a joint effort between Grasshopper Records (Japan) and Catalyst Records (Mexico) to unite artists and friends from around the globe and create a compilation for the benefit of the people who were affected by this tragedy.

Brave Japan 311 is packed with serious, powerful, and elegant psytrance created by a notorious crew of renowned artists from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany.


1. Stronger Music - WAIO VS BRAINIAC 
2. Mayan - IN LAK ECH 
3. Monochromatic World - GROOVEBOX 
4. Infinite Ground - ENDEAVOUR 
5. Some kind of hallucination - MENTAL BROADCAST 
6. Digital Paradim - ATTIK 
7. Peace n Harmonic - DISORDER 
8. Music in your brain - SPACE VISION 
9. Determination - SPECTRA SONICS 
10. Spirit World - TWINS