Compilation - Bounce (CD)


Compilation - Bounce (CD) Compiled By Dj Varun Materia Record's presents its latest compilation, VA - Bounce, compiled by Varun John, a rising young talent from India. Carefully crafted tracks with one primary intention - to make you dance. Like never before.
Varun is synonomous with morning madness. He effortlessly generates the desired effect in terms of stomping crowds, smiling faces and unadulterated energy- proof and reflection of Varun's mixing skills and mastery of track selection.

11 masterpieces from artists all over the world with a unique essence conjured not only to physically connect to the sounds but accentuate one's inherent emotional and spiritual facet that lies in inertia within...your senses are called upon to absorb and rise...

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/46

1. Dangerous - Voyager Aka Altom
2. Deep Down - Mad Maxx, Audio X, Mad Hatters, Cosmonet
3. Subconscious - Audio Hijack
4. Deep Space - Kali
5. Don't Stop - Vibraddict
6. Horse Race - Ignition
7. Close Encounters - Bio Genesis
8. Out Of Control - Speedball, Psykid
9. Blazer - Brainbokka, Dj Varun
10. Sensations - Delysid, Brainhunters
11. The East Express - Audialize