Compilation - Borderline (CD)


Compilation - Borderline (CD) Compiled by Dj Osho Echoes Records is proud to present a brand new and extraordinary compilation, packed with top Progressive modes and sounds.

'Borderline' was compiled by Echoes label head DJ Osho, a highly talented and experienced DJ, with an international DJ career, considers one of the leading Israeli Progressive DJ's in the world.

'Borderline' is a beautiful collection of first class Progressive music from some of the most skilled and well known artists of the international circuit, such as Ace Ventura, Rocky, Flowjob, Lish, Bitmonx and DJ Fabio, Earsugar and RPO along side, solid newcomers such as Midimal, Quantize, Motion Drive, Alter Breed and Virb and Padd.

'Borderline' style of music, can be describe as pumping, uplifting, hypnotic and deep, through Psychedelic Progressive sounds, ranging from Progressive Trance to Progressive House.

'Borderline' will set new boundary for how you think about Progressive music!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Apr. 2009/18

1. Oscillation of energy - MOTION DRIVE
2. Zugar Baby Babylon - FLOWJOB
3. Winter Solstice - ACE VENTURA
4. Dymethyltryptamine - QUANTIZE
5. Technics Bla - (Midimal rmx)ROCKY
6. Dirty Feelings - (Alter Breed rmx)LISH
7. City Lights - BITMONX, DJ FABIO
8. Guardian - (RPO rmx)EARSUGAR
9. Trapped - VIRB AND PADD