Compilation - Book Of Spirits Vol. 1 (CD)


Compilation - Book Of Spirits Vol. 1 (CD) Insane Chaos Circuit Records is proud to present to you his 1st cd compilation. These V/A brings you a finest selection of some of the best underground twisted artists from all over the world.

This compilation as the propose to bring to you quality nocturnal psy sounds with twisted flavours and powerful groove bass lines, that we expect that makes you dance even that your body says the opposite.

Prepare your self in body and spirit to take the trip and cross these portal to a psychedelic dimension.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/23

1. Porno Topic - COSMIC IRON
2. Burundanga - PSYCHOZ
3. Whether mothers acid - (rmx)NECROPSYCHO
4. Zopormoode - K LAPSO
5. Get the spirit - METEORBURN
6. Presenting Psychodelics - RAWAR
7. Fear and load - KHAOS SEKTOR
8. Lightlessness - KOBOLT INSTINT
9. Book of spirit - ENDLESS EUFORIA AKA D.N.I.
10. Fear and... - TWISTED KILLERS