Compilation - Blueprints


Dark Prisma Records presents a new fold in our Universe a new chapter inour endless story, as we keep spiraling through space and time...
We have gathered a new generation of gifted soul searchers in a quest for mappingthe inner workings of the godhead, the fusion of beauty and knowledge, the union between the flesh and the divine. Blueprints is a thorough research of the mechanics of the soul, a positive, crystalline vision conveyed in anaudible format designed to heal and nurture the listener. The sonic engineers we have summoned are no other than Sonik Scizzor, the side projectof Alien Mental, born in Chennai, India, Kashyyyk, cutting edge producer from Mexico, and Glosolalia, an upcoming new artist from Argentina. Together they represent a new generation of skilled and innovative musicians that have redefined the boundaries of psychedelic trance. This split album will present three pieces of each composer, weaving an audible patchwork of raw beauty and bliss, carved and tailored for blessing the minds and hearts ofthe listeners. Combining new and old but refreshed compositions, Blueprints will deliver a new and fresh perspective of the divine.


1. Solve Et Coagula - GLOSOLALIA FEAT. ZIGURAT2. Rising - KASHYYYK3. Magical Pixies - SONIK SCIZZOR4. The Mad Professor - SONIK SCIZZOR5. Trancendental - SONIK SCIZZOR6. Mor 2 - KASHYYYK7. Fourth Dimension - KASHYYYK8. Blueprints - GLOSOLALIA9. Motion Of Celestial Objects - GLOSOLALIA