Compilation - Beat Wins (CD)


Compilation - Beat Wins (CD) Compiled by Dj AsherunDance N Dust Records is proud to present its latest release 'V/A Beat Wins'.
A hot new compilation produced by DJ Asherun, the AandR of the record label. Asher has a large number of successful compilations and over 15 years of experience as a world wide DJ and label manager.

Staying true to his unique style, Asher brings us a sweeping arrangement of really hot tracks, starting with progressive trance and luring your mind into the world of tech house and techno music.

The album contains 10 tracks by some of the hottest names, such as Perfect Stranger with his funky remix of 'Push Button Pony' by Decoy, two hot deep techno tracks by Edu Yattah and wondeful new sounds from Ziger, Sumsuch, D-jack, Monoque, Groovepatcher and Tribalistic Society.

This CD gives you a chance to embark on journey in to the world of techno and acid house.


1. Push Button Pony - (Perfect Stranger rmx)DECOY 
2. Deep feelings normalize - ZIGER 
3. Solar - EDU YATTAH 
5. The Snake - D-JACK 
6. Time to go - ZIGER 
7. Highway - EDU YATTAH 
8. Distance Unknown - (Tribalistic Society rmx)MONOQUE 
9. In my dream - GROOVEPATCHER 
10. Underwear Model - SUMSUCH