Compilation - Beat Of The Moment


Compiled by Noize Hunter.We proudly present the newest full power blaster compilation release on Geomagnetic Darkstar, 'Beat Of The Moment', compiled by Noize Hunter from Austria.
10 Hi-Def, Hi-Psy, Hi-Fi, Hi-Tech Sci-Fi Psytrance beats representing the new wave of modern production at the moment. With massive contributions by artists from all over the world of harder full power psytrance music. The first moment starts with Painkiller and Freeze who will make you Pay and Obey. Twisted Reaction and Nature Disaster rocket us forward in Overdrive. Then BrainBokka has created a great remix of Dapanji and Outer Signal's musical journey to visit El Diablo. D.N.I. makes us know that We Never pay heed to the ancient prophesies. Biokinetix will make us feel Welcome To The Real World but we better not disobey him. Noize Hunter shares a vision of The Spirit Molecule through sound with a crushing psy journey. A request to Dance With Me comes from Brain Driver through his remix of Neo Genetics track and who can resist? Illusion and Holographic Reality begin to overlap because of the beats created by Sokrates. Then Sychodelicious shares with us the lessons and council of master Yoda to fight the dark side. The final moment arrives with Klangmassage createing that time between daylight and darkness, a Psychedelic Twilight.


1. Pay and obey - PAINKILLER AND FREEZE 
3. El Diablo - (BrainBokka rmx)DAPANJI AND OUTER SIGNAL 
4. We Never - (feat. SoundKore)D.N.I. 
5. Welcome to the real world - (rmx)BIOKINETIX 
6. The Spirit Molecule - NOIZE HUNTER 
7. Dance with me - (Brain Driver rmx)NEO GENETIC 
8. Holographic Reality - SOKRATES 
10. Psychedelic Twilight - KLANGMASSAGE