Compilation - Beat Generation 2 (CD)


Compilation - Beat Generation 2 (CD) Compiled by Changra Open your mind and expand your consciousness for the long time desired new upcoming release of the Beat Generation' series, the second part.

Once again compiled by everybodies Darling all around the Progressive Scene. Dr.Changra, this piece of art will bring you lots of never ending floating beats, psychedelic leads and pumping basslines out of boundaries.

Full of new and exciting tracks from some of the leading artists in the progressive movement like Andromeda (Aquafeel Remix), Progenitor or danish prog rockers Time In Motion, this compilation is a must for everybody and it will set your mind on immediate motion.

All nine tracks are extremly dancebable and making this mix a true gem for any prog tunes lover.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Apr. 2009/18

1. Afterglow - ZYCE AND FLEGMA
2. The sacred spirit - CABAL
3. GloryLand - AQUAFEEL
4. Land of 2 suns - AQUALIZE
5. Way out - AUDIOLOAD
6. Sensations - (Aquafeel rmx)ANDROMEDA
7. Colour - TIME IN MOTION
8. Typical human behaviour - PROGENITOR
9. Kastefa Beach - OCEAN AND DISPLAY