Compilation - Be Spun


Spun Records is back with a brand new compilation ' Be Spun'.Compiled by top Californian DJ and Spun resident, Brian Sentient.
This CD truly shows the diversity of the new Spun sound, with artists from all over the world contributing to a musical experience that will have dance floors around the globe pulsing. Spun regulars such as GMS, Astrix, Earthling and Mad Maxx, Antidote and Poli dish out some serious killers. Added to the list are newcomers to the label, and megastars in their own rights, Tristan, Chromatone, Broken Toy, Headroom, and a powerful remix of Sonic Species by Logica. These tracks are going to shake things up in a serious way.

Spun Records is definitely back in business.


1. The Serum - GMS VS ANTIDOTE2. Bend the future - (Logica rmx)SONIC SPECIES3. Space Star Ordering - CHROMATONE4. Freewheeler - TRISTAN5. The Great Outdoors - EARTHLING VS MAD MAX6. Hollow Anne - BROKEN TOY7. Headbanger Boogie - HEADROOM8. Tarsonis - POLI VS BRIAN SENTIENT9. Stay Classy - (GMS rmx)GMS VS ASTRIX